At BTM Global, we believe our work is about more than just technology. It’s about our people and our relationships with clients and colleagues. We hope this “Meet the Team” series gives you a better understanding of the personalities and passions that make up BTM Global!

Tinh and Director of Sales Brian Verkinderen catch up at our Minneapolis headquarters.

As a Technical Lead, Tinh Nguyen spends a lot of his time on software architecture, design, and other highly complex issues. But he also has a huge heart for the families helped by Kids Promise, a nonprofit that BTM colleagues founded in Vietnam. We asked Tinh about his daily responsibilities at work and his personal feelings of responsibility for those less fortunate.

What are your responsibilities at BTM?
I’m a Technical Lead, which means I’m responsible for analyzing requirements of the assigned software features, as well as providing solutions for the architecture, design and technical approaches for the software. I’m also responsible for troubleshooting difficult and critical production issues. I mentor software engineers; perform technical training, and do other supporting tasks on the project team.

What made you want to join BTM?
BTM has a good working environment and team members are always ready to support each other. The U.S. and Vietnam teams work closely together, and working here has not only given me the chance to work with other professionals, but to learn the beauty of different cultures. I also appreciate that the team shares responsibilities so we can have a balance between work and family.

What excites you about your work?
I’m interested in helping retailers continue to strive for a more personalized digital experiences and connect online experiences with the physical store, the ongoing maturity of artificial intelligence, and how more retailers are leveraging Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other voice assistants. There are a lot of exciting things happening! My work in MOM (Merchandise Operation system) and Stores (POS/Xstore) is exciting not only in a technical way but also because of the use of business logic in retail. We can work to support/resolve complicated retail business cases and deal with a large volume of data.

You do a lot of work with Kids Promise, a nonprofit founded by BTM colleagues. Tell us about that.
I support the Kids Promise team in their search for families or students who need help; I collect the information from the candidates so the team can review and decide on the cases to help. I find this meaningful because those of us who were born with certain advantages have a responsibility to help and provide for those who were not born with the same advantages. All of society benefits when its members engage in charitable giving, because it fosters a spirit of goodwill and empathy that can go far beyond financial resources.

What do you wish others in the industry knew about BTM?
I wish others in industry knew that BTM is the best company for providing retail system integration and development services – not only in the U.S. but around the world!

Tell us about your life outside of work.
I have been married since 2014. Currently I have two children. My girl is 4 years old and my boy is 2 years old.