BTM Global’s Level 1 stores support serves small, mid-sized and large retailers. Level 1 tech support responds to store business and operational requests such as…

  • Critical impacts when stores are down or significant impacts to your ability to service customers
  • Issues impacting the ability to take sales and complete customer transactions, including completing payment
  • Daily operational process support
  • Inability to login or access the system
  • Hardware issues or inoperability
  • Basic help desk questions, troubleshooting or triage
  • Restricted or unavailable functionality

Why outsource Level 1 stores support?

Outsourcing Oracle Retail support is a seamless and valuable way to replace your existing Help Desk provider. Or, work with BTM to augment your IT team, freeing up their time for other business initiatives. BTM’s long-standing Level 2 and Level 3 life-cycle support services let you streamline all stores support needs into a single partner.

BTM Global Level 1 Stores Support Services include…

  • Daily phone and email support
  • Regular reports on the number of tickets logged and closed, and critical issues that require management’s attention
  • Updates to the Common Issues document and to the Support Process
  • Knowledge transition
  • Overviews to increase your team’s knowledge
  • Any other metrics requested by the client
  • Quality control program and client involvement in reviews
  • Ability to review and assess root cause issues, helping to provide stability and decrease your support needs and calls in the future

The BTM Global Difference

Mature & Established Dedicated Clients Expertise Beyond Support
Established 2004 Loyal partnerships: We average 5 projects per client and work with them an average of 6 years Strategic, proactive Level 1 support services
+180 employees (not contractors!) that treat clients as partners, not numbers Deep Oracle Retail knowledge that informs valuable guidance – not just short-term issue status count!
We regularly “rescue” projects for clients, taking on work from another vendor that over-promised and under-delivered Oracle Retail expertise in life-cycle support, implementations, upgrades

Our support partnerships


Kimberly Berneck, COO
612.238.8807 (office)
612.281.7751 (mobile)

Brian Verkinderen, Director of Sales
612.238.8825 (office)
612.805.5683 (mobile)