Meet the Team: Ann Craft, Solution Architect

At BTM Global, we believe our work is about more than just technology. It’s about our people and our relationships with clients and colleagues. We hope this “Meet the Team” series gives you a better understanding of the personalities and passions that make up BTM Global!

It’s always exciting to welcome rock-star employees back to the team! After leaving to focus on her family for several years, Ann returned to BTM Global and has expanded her skillset to help NetSuite clients determine the best solutions for their business. We sat down with Ann to learn why she came back to BTM and what she wishes others knew about working here.

What are your responsibilities at BTM?
As a Solution Architect, I work with clients to gather their requirements for a project. That means getting a good understanding of how they run their business and then configure NetSuite software to meet the client’s needs and provide best-practice solutions. I also collaborate closely with clients to make sure they are set up for success once they go live with NetSuite and are empowered to manage the software after the project is done.

Why did you decide to join BTM?
I worked for BTM for four years before I left to be a stay-at-home mom for my family. After several years, I was ready to go back to working outside the home. The first place I looked for a job opening was the BTM website. There was an open position that matched my skill set, so I reached back out to the company and here I am, two years later.

What excites you about your work?
There are many things, but I especially enjoy the problem-solving aspect of it. While I work with NetSuite solutions on each project, each client has their own requirements which means I have to determine how best to configure NetSuite and how I recommend that the client use the software.

I also enjoy the people I work with and the opportunity to continue expanding my skills and increasing my domain knowledge. For most of my career, I worked with Oracle Retail products, but two years ago I was given the opportunity to move to BTM’s NetSuite practice. I broadened my knowledge beyond that to other areas, including accounting and manufacturing.

What do you wish others in the industry knew about BTM?
BTM is a great company and we always work hard to provide the best service to our customers, but one thing that makes me proud to work here is the importance of giving back to the community – both here in the U.S. and in our Vietnam office.

Throughout the year, we are given opportunities to participate in various charitable activities. The most recent was our back-to-school drive for the Kids in Need, then at Christmas there is Toys for Tots and during the summer we try and spend an afternoon at Avenue [a nonprofit that provides shelter and services for youth experiencing homelessness] helping around the property fixing things up, doing yard work, etc.  Just to name a few.

Tell us about your life outside of work.
Summer is great time for fishing with my dad and my son. During the school year, I’m off to my son’s football and hockey games. When not spending time with my son and husband, I try to carve out some time to play the piano or make jewelry.

Want to connect with Ann? Find her here on LinkedIn.