Bicycles, Shoes and a Home will Support Families throughout Vietnam

Supporting communities in which we live and work is essential to building a better future. At BTM Global, we focus especially on children to ensure they have safe, adequate homes so they can be better prepared at school.

This summer, our teams donated bicycles and 73 pairs of shoes to students in Kien Giang province. The latter was particularly important, as many of the students didn’t have shoes for gym class. Clothes, shoes, and other items such as toiletries and school supplies were given to children at the Huong Duong and Hoa Mai orphanages in Hau Giang province.

In addition, we completed our latest charity house in Kien Giang province, about 200 miles from our Vietnam headquarters. The family, made up of five children, parents and grandparents, were living in a home that had fallen into disrepair.

After a team from BTM Global visited with the family and determined their needs, the team submitted a proposal for building a home to BTM’s board of directors, which approved it. We worked with a local partner to build a new home for the family.

In July, construction was complete. Our teams joined with our partner and a local government representative to officially deliver the house to the family (and to celebrate with some food and drinks)!

One family at a time, our passionate teams are committed to securing safe, decent homes for families throughout the country.

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