Managing What You Don’t Know: Factors for a Successful EMV Implementation

The U.S. has lagged in EMV adoption in part because retailers’ implementations have been anything but smooth and consistent. There are many players involved, and authorizers are building and adding to EMV even as retailers are getting certified.

With all of this uncertainty, you need some measure of control over the project and its effect on your organization. An experienced technology partner will know the requirements and can advise you on whether you have the infrastructure to meet them; lead you on the most efficient and effective way through the transition; communicate an end-to-end view of your project; and guide the other players through it. Just as important is having a good understanding of how your own organization will navigate the transition to EMV.

In this article for Apparel Magazine, BTM president Tom Schoen discusses what to consider in a potential technology partner and what to understand about your own organization’s resources to drive a successful EMV implementation.

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