An award-winning design-build remodeler needed to improve critical business functions. With several disparate operational systems and a legacy ERP, the builder had a disjointed IT landscape that required multiple spreadsheets and manual data entry, which hindered efficiency and customer service. In addition, the legacy ERP vendor was going to charge the company for integrating its CRM into the ERP.

To modernize its processes and avoid extra integration costs, the builder moved to NetSuite. By choosing a single, unified platform, the company could more quickly and cost-effectively address customer inquiries and needs.

Choosing BTM Global

BTM Global was chosen as the implementation lead and took an iterative/agile approach to design and develop the complex customizations required for the project. After listening to the builder’s needs, the BTM team developed solutions and revised as needed to ensure everything met client expectations.

"As a cloud-based ERP solution, NetSuite’s automatic upgrades ensure clients always have the latest features and don’t have to worry about version lock.”

Kimberly Berneck, President and CEO of BTM Global

Project Results

The client’s requirements called for customization work that extended NetSuite to meet a specific way of doing business.

  • Perform detailed work estimates in NetSuite that can automatically convert to projects.
  • Customization work that also allows the client to better track actuals to budget at the project task level.
  • Custom-built solution to automate order intake processes and automatically allocate work based on employee availability (previously done manually).

BTM’s implementation has resulted in a significant leap forward in automation and modernization, with processes now automated and flowing seamlessly through NetSuite’s unified platform. The time required for several tasks has been significantly reduced, as well as the risk for human error.

“NetSuite helps companies reach entirely new levels of automation, efficiency and service, no matter their size or industry,” said Kimberly Berneck, President and CEO of BTM Global. “As a cloud-based ERP solution, NetSuite’s automatic upgrades ensure clients always have the latest features and don’t have to worry about version lock.”

An ongoing partnership
As the client continued building on the power of NetSuite, it stayed engaged with BTM to support questions and issues. This included a Celigo integration, the creation of new reports and saved searches, and providing on-site training to client teams.

A BTM point person met with the client weekly as new projects came up and changes were pushed to production. If any issues were found, we were able to resolve them right on site.

“This client continues to get new value and cost savings from NetSuite,” noted Berneck. “It was a pleasure working with them side-by-side to offer new NetSuite features that could be implemented out-of-the-box and that delivered a lot of value.”

  • NetSuite ERP implementation
  • Celigo integration
  • Significant customization to meet client needs
  • BTM-built solution for faster order intake
  • Automated tasks save time and reduce errors
  • On-site training