You can Upgrade to Xstore v18 Faster and Easier. Here’s How.

Any significant technology upgrade can be daunting to plan and execute. Plus, it takes resources away from other company initiatives. But an Xstore v18 upgrade doesn’t have to take years or millions of dollars.

Oracle Retail’s latest release of Xstore empowers retailers to carry out daily work seamlessly and across channels, all while giving consumers more flexibility and mobility for a truly converged commerce experience.

With our approach and unique tools – combined with the improved modularity of Xstore v18 – we can help you upgrade in months instead of years. Our team includes Oracle development experts with diverse experiences in upgrades!

Our tools, including our unique Point-of-Sale Conversion Utility (PCU) tool, allow you to migrate and convert data without losing any of it. We’ve packaged the migration and conversion of customer, transaction and sales data into PCU, which automates the conversion/migration data during the stores’ rollout period. Unlike other tools that require one mass rollout, PCU completes the data rollout in phases so you can go as fast or as slow as you need, without having to reconvert more data.

What about modifications and extensions?
If you’re putting off an Xstore v18 upgrade because you’re buried in customizations, extensions and modifications, you don’t have to keep waiting. We help you analyze customizations and modifications to determine which are the true differentiators that should move forward in the upgrade. We also look at your extensions to make sure they’re written correctly. For the rest, our team helps you get back to “base” so you’re set up for an easier v18 transition now and for future upgrades.

Upgrading to Xstore v18 can be easier than you think. Read more about our clients or contact us to get started!