What to Know about Level 1 Oracle Retail Stores Support

Kimberly Berneck, COO

We love helping our clients implement, integrate and launch transformational Oracle Retail technology projects. But now that Oracle Retail is discontinuing Level 1 stores support, those companies with an Oracle Retail stores product will need to search for a new support partner.

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What is Level 1 Stores Support?
There are several tiers of stores support, and the exact definitions may vary. Here at BTM, our Level 1 stores support serves small, mid-sized and large retailers.

Level 1 tech support responds to minor requests such as basic help desk questions, troubleshooting or triage. We also offer Level 2 support for Oracle Retail products, which requires more in-depth solution and technical knowledge. Our Level 3 tech support services respond to problems that require code changes to fix a bug or issue. We can also provide enhancements to support your business needs.

Within BTM Global’s Level 1 stores support for Oracle Retail products, we deliver four tiers of responses and timelines based on the issue’s severity. The most critical and urgent support needs often include:

  • System failure
  • Major system disruption
  • Major disruption in business-critical system operability or functionality
  • Inability to complete sales or service for your customers in a timely manner

Examples of critical needs would be a complete lack of system availability, a critical function that isn’t available or data corruption.

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Lesser issues – but still Level 1 in severity – may include restricted or unavailable functionality (that isn’t business critical); usability errors; and screen or report errors that don’t materially affect the quality of function, use or results.

What is Offered in Level 2 and Level 3 Store Support Services?
BTM Global offers Level 2 and 3 support for all Oracle Retail Stores clients. We’ll dig into the root cause of your issues (allowing your team to focus on other work); provide issue resolutions; retrofit and deliver Oracle support patches, enhancements, knowledge transition and more.

We have deep experience with Oracle Retail Point-of-Sale (Xstore), Oracle Retail Customer Engagement (ORCE), Oracle Retail Order Broker (OROB), EMV Payment enablement and Integrations (from Store 21 through the present version) as well as the Cloud version offerings of these solutions. In other words, our support team really covers the full spectrum of issues!

Outsourcing Oracle Retail tech support can be a helpful, valuable way to replace the sunsetting Oracle Retail contract you currently have or as a way to augment your current IT team to free up their time for more strategic business initiatives.

What should I Expect from a Level 1 Stores Support Partner?
The partner should be responsive and deeply experienced in your specific Oracle Retail products. They should understand the retail environment and solutions inside and out, and be aligned with your business goals.


Remember: You don’t want to hire a partner to play Whack-a-Mole! Choose a vendor that you trust, will listen to you and with whom you can build a long-term relationship. They should have a culture of strategic, proactive support so they can solve your issues while keeping their eye on the ball: Knowing where you want to go, not just where you are today. Ideally, your partner will have skills beyond support, such as new implementations and upgrades. By having deep expertise in the solutions and technology as they evolve, the support team can give you a more valuable, long-term partnership and guidance – not just short-term issue status count.

As you and your Level 1 stores support partner prepare to work together, you’ll want to give your partner context and background to help equip them for service on Day 1. This could include:

  • Providing them with your top 10 most frequent Help Desk tickets.
  • Recent ticket details and metrics
  • Common/Issues/Support Resolution documents that you’ve created
  • Understanding of key business challenges or obstacles in your store operations/support needs

In addition to the daily support, your partner will provide regular reports that should include things like the number of tickets logged and closed, critical issues that require management’s attention, updates to the Common Issues document, updates to the Support Process, Knowledge Transition or overviews to increase your team’s knowledge, and any other metrics you discuss and agree upon. Ask about your partner’s quality control program and how you can be part of those reviews.

BTM Global is your Level 1 Tech Support Partner!
Now is the time to transition to a Level 1 Stores Support partner for Oracle Retail solutions. You can go here to learn about our Oracle Retail customers stories. When you’re ready to discuss next steps, we’re here to support you!