Stuck with your NetSuite Project? Here’s How to Get Back on Track.

Sunny Babal

NetSuite can fundamentally transform companies of all sizes and industries. However, something as game-changing as this innovative cloud ERP requires skilled partners for implementation, and commitment to keep it running smoothly. If you’re struggling to go live, or if your operations have changed since implementation, you can easily fall behind in maximizing your NetSuite investment.

Here at BTM, we’ve seen clients struggle with issues such as…

  • Complex integrations that aren’t working
  • An Alliance Partner that’s over-promised and under-delivered
  • An implementation that’s stalled
  • Changes to business operations that aren’t reflected in NetSuite

Optimization and Support for NetSuite
Whether you just have a few questions or need a larger overhaul of your NetSuite system, we can help you maximize the use of your NetSuite investment and bring it up to its full potential.

Optimize Support
Complex integration and customization work Advise on best practices, talent needed, and strategy
Replace current Partner lead Fill in gaps in your IT team’s skillset
Fine-tune NetSuite and get it working for you again Bring a stalled implementation project over the finish line


You don’t have to stay stuck.
We’ve rescued many clients and helped them optimize and support NetSuite.

 6 for 6: A company struggled with its long-time NetSuite system. We fixed six things in six hours and got their operations running smoothly again.

Just in time: A client’s IT team was struggling to make a complex integration work, and the consultant that built the integration didn’t understand it either. Our team partnered with them until 3am to get it fixed in time for a huge sales opportunity.

Iron out the wrinkles: When a client was getting different advice from different consultants on how to handle a NetSuite project, we were asked to step in and set the definitive strategy.

We Know NetSuite because We Use NetSuite
We are the rare NetSuite Partner with actual experience within the NetSuite ecosystem because we’ve implemented it for our own office.

Your NetSuite team is made up of BTM employees who actually know NetSuite (not contractors like other partners) and have a remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge into every NetSuite product. Our culture of transparency and honesty will give you the straight talk on what it will take to support your system and get it optimized again.

Contact me, Sunny Babal, and let’s discuss how to help you get back on track!

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