Polymer80 Improves Customer Experience with Unified NetSuite ERP and Ecommerce Platform

Polymer80, a designer and developer of firearms and after-market accessories, has improved its website shopping experience and streamlined order management with NetSuite ERP and NetSuite SuiteCommerce.

By unifying previously disparate systems into a central NetSuite business platform, Polymer80 gains more efficient business operations and a solid foundation for growth. NetSuite SuiteCommerce delivers an integrated ecommerce solution to harness superior web store, inventory, order management and accounting capabilities. Polymer80 customers have seen immediate improvements to the company’s website in terms of usability and speed, and the Polymer80 support team delivers superior service as a result of a clearer, unified view of the customer.

BTM Global led the implementation of NetSuite ERP and Polymer80’s specific customizations to the SuiteCommerce platform, as well as integrations with third-party tax, shipping, and payment processing solutions.

“The implementation team’s range of technical and functional expertise, as well as their strategic counsel throughout each phase of the project, resulted in a whole new level of visibility into our business, including improved execution of purchase orders and detailed control of the inventory management, which was key to the success of this deployment,” said Polymer80 co-founder and CEO, David Borges. “This all boils down to improving product availability to our customers as we face ever increasing demand. We’re thrilled that our teams and customers will see immediate results while we will continue to utilize BTM’s excellent professional services team post-deployment, a testament to their value and professionalism.”

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