Perry Ellis International (PEI) is one of the largest branded lifestyle
apparel companies in the world with a diverse brand portfolio distributed through multiple channels. PEI has more than 70 stores in the United States and United Kingdom.

Project scope and challenge

It was imperative that the retailer integrate its online and physical store brand environments to provide customers with a more seamless, premium shopping experience. PEI sought to transition from Oracle Retail v12 to v14, enabling the retailer to better leverage its goal of commerce anywhere; pricing and allocation capabilities; increased inventory visibility, accuracy and access; as well as modernize its point-of-service (POS) technology.

Security was also a prime concern; PEI aimed to strengthen the security of its POS to better protect customers and itself, gain single sign-on integration, and ensure all payment software could be applied in other countries as stores were added. EMV-enabled payment integration, P2PE and tokenization were key parts of this.

To achieve this, PEI sought a technology partner to lead the upgrade of its Oracle Retail and POS software suites across all U.S. and U.K. store locations. The scope also included:

• Oracle Store Suite (Point-of-Service, Back Office, Central Office)
• Allocation
• Custom and legacy integrations
• Data conversion and migration


This wasn’t the first partnership for Perry Ellis International and BTM Global; the retailer asked BTM to implement Oracle Retail v14. In fact, many of the BTM employees from the initial project were also part of the ORCE work, making for a faster and more efficient kick-off. PEI chose BTM based on its proven success with past projects and superior ability to collaborate with PEI’s fast-paced culture. In addition to implementation and integration, BTM Global supported end-to-end testing and training.

Leadership and a comprehensive, strategic approach were key to making this project a success. Not only was the timeline extremely tight, but there were several unique factors that added complexity:

  • This was one of the industry’s first ORCE cloud implementations with data converted and migrated from a legacy CRM system in such a short period of time
  • One of the industry’s first integrations of ORCE to ORPOS (PEI’s current Oracle point-of-service solution) instead
    of Xstore
  • While the cloud environment was in production, BTM and PEI leveraged creative solutions that allowed the teams
    to continue iterating and testing at the speed required to meet the deadline

“This project had a tight timeline, but we knew BTM could manage the complexity and speed because of our history of successful work together,” said Sandeep Baghel, vice president of retail systems, Perry Ellis International. “Because this project was one of the first of its kind in the industry, the BTM team’s ability to learn and adapt quickly was invaluable.”

It was imperative that the retailer integrate its online and physical store brand environments to provide customers with a more seamless, premium shopping experience.


PEI chose BTM Global as its partner on this complex, aggressive project. “BTM Global had the most innovative approach to what we needed, and was the only vendor to offer a true upgrade solution to transition us from v12 to v14,” explained Sandeep Baghel, director of retail systems at PEI. “Other vendors recommended a more time- consuming approach and complete re-implementation
of Oracle Retail v14.”

Project Results

As a result of BTM Global’s unique upgrade approach, the entire project was completed on time and marked the first enterprise upgrade to v14 for Oracle Retail. In addition to the value-driven nature of BTM Global’s approach, its plan also proved to have the lowest downtime during the turnover.

“We have a very expedient, seasoned internal IT team, and BTM was the technical partner we needed to help supplement us throughout the project,” said Baghel. “Our teams worked together very well and BTM did much of the work remotely utilizing US and offshore resources.”

As a result of this strategic approach, BTM Global delivered its scope of the v14 upgrade in less than six months. The retailer now provides a more modern experience for its U.S. and U.K. employees and customers; improved promotional abilities; clear inventory visibility; and EMV-enabled payment integration that delivers stronger security measures to protect customers and itself.

“The project was a huge success and our partnership with BTM was a key part of this,” said Baghel. “Their unique approach delivered on its promises and met our tight timelines.”

  • Oracle Retail upgrade
  • All U.S. and U.K. store locations
  • Strengthened POS security
  • Timeline: Less than 6 months
  • Strategy, technology evaluation, development, management and deployment