Move from ORPOS to Xstore with Less Time and Cost – and Without Losing Data

It’s a big undertaking to map data from one POS system to another – and a big cost. Our unique Point-of-sale Conversion Utility (PCU) tool lets you avoid all of this.

With PCU, you don’t have to lose data when you move from ORPOS (v14 and up) to Xstore (v17 and beyond). We’ve packaged data migration and conversion into the tool, making the effort easier and maintaining the automated conversion/migration data during your stores’ rollout period.

Make the move from ORPOS to Xstore more easily – without losing valuable customer and sales history.

  • We’ve packaged the migration and conversion of customer, transaction and sales data into PCU, which automates the conversion/migration data during the stores’ rollout period.
  • PCU is straightforward, easy and intuitive so you can don’t need to have dreaded internal discussions about conversion!
  • No need to mine data elsewhere.
  • Go as fast or as slow as you need. Minimize the impact on daily work while the data runs simultaneously and seamlessly on different backend systems.
  • No need to reconvert more data.
  • Keep all of the information you need to continue your reporting, tracking, and customer service metrics.

“BTM’s Point-of-sale Conversion Utility tool helped smooth out our ORPOS to Xstore upgrade. We migrated the data at our own pace and, in the meantime, the data ran seamlessly on two different backend systems. That significantly reduced any impacts on our day-to-day operations and has made the entire transition much faster and easier than we could have anticipated.” Vice President of Information Systems, Global Fashion Retailer

How does it work?
PCU completes the data roll out in phases. Unlike other tools that require one mass roll out, our two-step approach is as follows:

  • Initial conversion: Move data into the new system for the stores/locations on the upgraded technology.
  • Rollout: This is a continuous action to take store data that hasn’t been converted to Xstore yet, and convert and migrate that data so stores that have already upgraded can access the data.
  • PCU automates both of these actions with a one-time set up that is configurable. In other words, you’ll only have a one-time setup to convert all necessary base data.

Our PCU tool is as simple as deploy…configure…run.

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