Moving to the Cloud isn’t Always a Clear-Cut Decision

The retail industry has been talking about the cloud for years, and much of the conversation has focused on the benefits of moving core systems and data off premise and to the cloud. Many organizations have moved to the cloud; in fact, Forbes has reported that the typical enterprise (across all industries) uses an average of six cloud computing services. 

But the cloud isn’t a panacea, and there are some interesting conversations happening among retailers and industry tech leaders about the drawbacks of it, especially for organizations that want to get very creative and nimble with their data.

In this article for Point of Sale News, BTM’s senior vice president of delivery management, Kimberly Berneck, examines these conversations. While the cloud still holds big benefits for most retailers, the question of using your data flexibly or being beholden to the “greater good,” are causing some organizations to tap the breaks on the move to the cloud.

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