Tien & Children CroppedMeet the Team: Tien Huynh, Director of Vietnam Operations

At BTM Global, we believe our work is about more than just technology. It’s about our people and our relationships with clients and colleagues. We hope this “Meet the Team” series gives you a better understanding of the personalities and passions that make up BTM Global!

Tien Huynh’s professional skillset and personal passions revolve around a common theme: development.  Tien first joined BTM Global because of the company’s deep focus on software development and quickly found an energetic team that he could lead and develop into the best in the industry. He also has a particular passion for giving back to the community, and he and his teams are committed to creating better opportunities for families throughout Vietnam. We asked Tien more about how his work at BTM Global energizes him professionally and personally.

Why made you want to join the BTM Global team?
Before BTM, I worked for the largest software outsourcing company in Vietnam. I held many roles, from Java developer, Java/C/C++ code inspector, technical leader and manager for networking projects, to manager for a telecommunications project. I enjoyed software development the most, so when I came across BTM Global, I found a company that was focused completely and deeply on software development. That focus, along with the supportive company culture and environment, made me want to join them.

What are your responsibilities at BTM?
I oversee the management of everyone working at the BTM Vietnam Development Center. I build and maintain teams that meet the needs of our projects, technologies and clients. I also participate in and contribute to the strategic direction and project delivery capabilities of BTM’s Vietnam teams.

What excites you about your work?
We have excellent technical teams. They are energetic, engaged, and extremely knowledgeable about software development. Just as important, the company culture fosters employee growth and collaboration. All of this plays a role in the success of BTM and makes my work interesting and enjoyable.

Tien FishingBTM makes it a priority to give back to the community. Why is this important to you?
The focus on giving back makes BTM Global stand apart from other companies. For instance, the company didn’t want to simply open a branch office in Vietnam; it also wanted to help families throughout the community have a better life and help children get a good education to make this country even better. This approach is very important to me. There is a lot of poverty, and BTM Global stands behind me and my teams as we work to better our communities.

What is BTM’s best kept secret?
BTM Global is different than many other software companies here in Vietnam because it doesn’t want to be just an outsourcing company. We are all working to make BTM the best consulting company for retailers – and we are successful at it!

Tell us about life outside of work.
My family includes my mother, wife, daughter and son. My kids keep me young! Even after a long day at work, I get a lot of energy by talking and playing with them. I also enjoy reading, taking in the news, working on personal development skills, playing tennis and traveling.  

Want to connect with Tien? Find him here on LinkedIn.