Sunny Babal CroppedMeet the Team: Sunny Babal, Business Development Executive

At BTM Global, we believe our work is about more than just technology. It’s about our people and our relationships with clients and colleagues. We hope this “Meet the Team” series gives you a better understanding of the personalities and passions that make up BTM Global!

Sunny Babal was a solution architect at BTM for many years and recently transitioned into a sales role. Through his diverse background, he brings real-world knowledge to our clients’ challenges and an enthusiasm for people and service. We talked with Sunny about why he’s proud of his colleagues, his excitement for the new role and his love of singing.

What are your responsibilities in your new role as business development executive?

My role is to drive new business development with retailers who are a good fit for BTM and the services/solutions we provide.

I’ve worked alongside the sales side of BTM for a number of years (helping with pre-sales, etc.) and I’m very excited to be involved in the process from start to finish. It aligns with my experience in the field because I bring a “been there, done that” understanding to client challenges and can advise on how to bring about the best results.

You were also a solution architect for many years.

Yes, I was an SA for the last 10 years. Every project is different when you’re an SA, but with BTM’s agile implementation approach, we successfully deliver projects on time and within a very competitive budget because our teams have such vast experience with many different applications.

What made you want to join the BTM Global team initially?

First and foremost it was because BTM has all experienced team members.  Every team member is a seasoned veteran whose skills enable you to put forth ideas and drive discussions which are educated and meaningful. Needless to say, I look up to our team and counterparts!

Also, working with such an experience management team is a treat. I have been on many projects with other employers where there is no solid direction – it’s the opposite at BTM.

Why do you enjoy working for BTM?

BTM has a very boutique, family feel to it. It’s an open company where one can bring ideas to the table and be listened to. I’m continually learning, and there is a big fun factor here too! For example, there is a very strong emphasis on employee well-being, and as a result we have a very low turnover rate. I work with some very hardworking individuals and it’s an honor to be part of such an environment.

What do you wish others in the industry knew about BTM?

Integrity is of the utmost importance here. Quality of work is more important that quantity. In fact I have seen BTM turn down projects, which to me demonstrates that we know who we are and what we do best.

Tell us about your life outside of the office.

I love traveling and the outdoors! For fun, I love to sing, act and make people laugh (usually at my own expense)!

Want to connect with Sunny? Find him here on LinkedIn.