Meet the Team: Fong Vang, Support Engineer

At BTM Global, we believe our work is about more than technology. It’s about our people and our relationships with clients and colleagues. We hope this “Meet the Team” series gives you a better understanding of the personalities and passions that make up BTM Global!

Fong Vang joined BTM in 2022 and hasn’t looked back. He is energized by the variety of challenges and clients in his daily work. Read on to learn about his responsibilities as a support engineer and why he finally feels that his career is making a difference in the world.

What are your responsibilities at BTM?
I work alongside other technical leads, business analysts, and delivery managers to investigate, fix, or ensure timely delivery of our promises to the client(s). This is achieved by maintaining a constant relationship and good communication between our clients and internal teams to make certain that we are providing the best possible product and user experience.

What made you want to join the BTM Global team?
I experienced many things with previous employers prior to joining BTM, and those past experiences led me to be very thoughtful and considerate about the type of organization I wanted to join next. I found what I was looking for with BTM.

Firstly, as I was researching the company, I saw that they were very active within the community. BTM participates in public outreach, volunteer events, and even partners with local high schools on things relating to STEM. I was even more impressed when I found out that BTM supports an international organization that helps families in need. This sort of public service was a completely different change from the organizations I had worked for previously.

Next, many of the testimonials I found about working at BTM all had something in common: BTM had a particular focus on the success of its employees. Plus, many people within the company seemed to have a good work-life balance. Again, this was something I was looking for because I didn’t have it in my previous jobs.

When looking into BTM and seeing all of the different clients they work with, it really was a no-brainer. It’s clear that the stakes are high and the work that this company puts out is a chance for me to participate in something where I truly can make a difference.

And lastly, after meeting with the hiring manager, I found that this opportunity with BTM required me to be client-facing. This was new for me and made me excited about the position.

What excites you about your work?
As of now, the work I am doing is completely new to me. And the challenge of trying to learn while also delivering work at the same time is all very exciting.

Previously, when I was a software developer at other companies, I often didn’t know whether my contributions were being considered or not. Back then, I felt like we were always shipping new product regardless whether it would be shelved or actually go into production. It was always a mystery.

But now at BTM, I’m in a position where we are actively engaging with clients. I get the chance to see how the work is actually created and delivered. That is very satisfying.

What do you wish others in the industry knew about BTM?
BTM is a family. I’ve been fortunate to work at both large-scale organizations as well as startups. BTM is a good in-between type of company. We all work closely together and everyone knows one another. I haven’t ran across anyone who was unwilling or too busy to lend a hand. So far I’m liking it very much.

I also appreciate the level of balance you get between work and your personal life here at BTM. We have a very impressive team and we all support each other. There’s never finger-pointing. Being surrounded by so many talented colleagues has provided me a sense of calmness that I haven’t had for a long time. It’s great!

What keeps you interested in this industry?
I’m very surprised about all the different moving pieces. Coming from a different platform, I did not know much at all about the different vendors involved within this environment. There will always be room to learn and new challenges that will arise.

What I’m finding most interesting is learning about the different facets involved within this ecosystem, as well as how deep these rabbit holes can actually go! I can see why so many of my colleagues have their own ideas and approaches to solving issues, especially considering their specialties. It’s all very fascinating.

I really do believe that technology is one of the greatest ways to make an impact on people’s lives. No matter how small or irrelevant you may think your contributions are, I believe that the work you carry will affect your users.

Tell us about your life outside of work.
Depending on the day or event, I am both a big-time homebody and a very spontaneous/outgoing person! I personally enjoy the comforts of home. Nothing beats a TV-series marathon and cooking new a dish I found online. On the other hand, I enjoy the company of friends and family. If I’m out with friends, we can usually be found catching up over food and drinks.

If you’d like to connect with Fong, you can find him here on LinkedIn.

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