Lakes Area Realty has 120 agents serving buyers and sellers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. While business has been strong, the administrative work has threatened to bog down the office team. Reports for agents’ activities were pieced together from multiple systems, and commission payments had to be manually calculated and distributed based on each agent’s specific factors.

Lakes Area Realty’s five staff members were working with different office systems and endless variables. They checked and re-checked spreadsheets to ensure accuracy and verify transactions. Leadership knew a better solution was needed to make the office team’s work easier and better support the agents.

With the real estate market booming, agents are scrambling to match sellers and buyers with win-win deals. That can’t be hampered by complicated software.

Enter BTM Global and NetSuite.

The Quickbooks financial system was replaced with NetSuite. In just eight weeks, BTM designed, built, and deployed a customization within NetSuite as part of the overall NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition implementation project.

The customization automated previously manual and time-consuming work which imported deal data from multiple systems, calculated agent commissions, and initiated agent payment transactions. Additionally, the customization can be used for pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and dashboards, further enabling Lakes Area Realty to streamline administrative tasks and significantly improve efficiency.

BTM led and managed all aspects of the NetSuite customization implementation, including integration with real estate transaction software and payment software. BTM has also provided additional training to ensure users are maximizing the potential of NetSuite.

Today, NetSuite delivers big improvements in automation and accuracy for Lakes Area Realty. Agents receive commissions more quickly and the admin team has clearer visibility into finances, can close the books faster, and has more time to focus on strategic tasks.

“We’ve saved an immense amount of time on administrative tasks and we can better support our stellar agents,” said Steve Havig, CEO of Lakes Area Realty. “Even in the midst of a very busy real estate market, BTM helped us transform our business with minimal disruption. It was a great partnership.”

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  • NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition Implementation
  • Integration with real estate transaction software, payment software
  • Clearer visibility into firm’s financials
  • Admin team can pay commissions and close books faster