It’s Time to Upgrade to the New Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Retail has announced full enterprise cloud solutions for several applications. These true cloud advancements include redundancy for better risk management and load balancing between servers for better performance, along with additional features.

With our deep experience implementing ORCE in the cloud and as the first system integrator to achieve a cloud implementation for Xstore v18, we are leading the upgrade and integrations of Oracle cloud technologies!

Data Migration and Conversion: A Unique Three-Step Approach
Data migration and conversion are never easy, and the typical approach is to attempt both in one step, which is risky and has a low success rate. Legacy integrations are also put at risk, as is the ability to leverage base integration technologies.

That’s why we developed a specific and unique three-step approach for migrating data to the cloud that lowers the risk of data loss and improves migration and conversion success rates.

  • Stage the data and build it into an on-premise version
  • Convert the data
  • Consume the data from the staging environment into the actual cloud

Why Work with BTM?
The business objective of your cloud project is paramount. More than just checking items off a list, our approach keeps the strategic objectives of your technology project laser focused, so that your company goals are supported.

  • Free up your staff to manage the daily needs of the business and offload the cloud expertise on us!
  • Leverage our experience and Oracle partnership to facilitate and implement the cloud project.
  • Our partnership approach prioritizes knowledge transition and support.
  • We use employees, not contractors. This strong knowledge base builds a tighter relationship with Oracle and better project speed and efficiency.
  • 100% referenceable customers.
  • Repeatable customers that average 5 implementation projects each.

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