We Deliver System Integration and Development Services
for Oracle Retail and NetSuite Solutions.

Our team of creative thinkers and proactive problem solvers address each project holistically,
with an eye toward cost-savings and our clients’ long-term success.

Our Exceptional Services

Oracle Retail
Oracle NetSuite

Solution Consulting

Get the most out of your technology choices! We’ll help you determine whether to build or buy, integration factors, and a strategy for today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals.

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Implementation and Deployment

Minimize business disruptions and prioritize business sustainability and usability. We provide all implementation services, including customization, configuration and deployment architecture.

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We’ve done almost everything when it comes to integrations. We’ll help get your new, legacy, cloud-based and on-premise systems connected.

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Custom Application Development

Don’t settle for something that’s “good enough!” Our skilled team will extend a solution or build one from scratch that integrates with your business and addresses your unique way of doing business.

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Extend the knowledge of your team and maximize your technology ROI! We provide application support and operational support such as upgrades, patches and bug fixes.

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Would a Two-Tiered ERP Approach Work for you?

An ERP that’s good for corporate isn’t always good for the unit or subsidiary. The solution is a two-tiered ERP approach in which a more robust, Tier 1 ERP is used at the corporate or global level, while a less complex and less costly Tier 2 ERP is used for the smaller unit. Click to learn more.