Enough with the Fluff. Let’s get to the Facts.

By Tom Schoen, CEO, BTM Global

Choosing a system integrator and partner for your technology implementation isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. I get it. And wading through the marketing-speak, like “We’re the #1 integrator!” or “We’re the #1 vendor partner!” is tough when you can’t find the facts to back up those claims.

So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to give you just the facts about what our team has done and how to find the fluff by asking prospective SIs to prove their claims.

We hire teams with diverse backgrounds so you get a more holistic approach.
We don’t build teams that only have experience with one type of system, vendor or technology. Expertise in specific areas is important, but if a team’s expertise is too narrow it limits the creativity that’s needed when projects get complicated or when a wide variety of technologies needs to be integrated.

Instead, our people have backgrounds in on-premise and cloud-based software implementations, product development, performance engineering, support and more. This diverse background helps us keep your broader business goals in mind. We don’t think narrowly about a task; we ask the right questions early on to make sure the work is aligned with your big-picture objectives.

  • If a prospective SI claims to be the top or best in their marketing materials, ask them how they’re determining that claim and what makes them different from other SIs in the space.

We’re not coy about the real cost.
Here at BTM, we include all aspects of a project when providing a quote. Other SIs may appear cheaper at the outset, but will nickel-and-dime you later on because they omitted key portions of the project scope. We help you understand the complete effort and the actual cost to get your project done.

  • When choosing an SI for your technology implementation, make sure you know exactly what’s covered in their quote.

We have actual employees, not contractors.
We’re proud that our global teams are overwhelmingly BTM employees – not contractors. This is a distinct difference compared to other service providers in our space.

The tenure of our employees gives you a reliable, engaged and consistent team for the entirety of the project – and for any future projects to come. Because of our commitment to employee retention, we can have the same team in place to continue working with you in the future so you don’t have to start from scratch with a new team.

We don’t switch teams half-way through a project, and the team you meet at the demo won’t be replaced with junior team members. A team that has worked together over the years is also more efficient because they have learned one another’s working styles and communication styles.

  • Ask your prospective SIs whether they are majority contractors or employees, as well as the average employee tenure. This can give you a good idea of the efficiency of the team, the trust the individuals have in each other and their ability to collaborate, even if things get tough.

Our clients are referenceable AND repeatable.
How do we know these facts matter? Because our clients aren’t just referenceable; they’re repeatable. They come back to us again and again with new projects and new problems because they know we’ll do it efficiently, faster and we’ll understand their long-term, strategic goals. We know these facts matter because unhappy retailers hear about our reputation and transition part-way through a project in order to work with us. Then they return to us later to help solve new challenges.

  • Ask your prospective SIs how many years they have been with their clients and how many projects they have worked on together. Keep in mind that one project that lasts multiple years isn’t necessarily a stellar endorsement, but clients that seek out the same SI multiple times for different projects is notable.

I hope these facts and outcomes help cut through the clutter and give you a better idea of what makes BTM different. Whether you’re simply gathering information or looking for immediate help, you can contact us at any time to learn more.