BTM Global is a long-standing Oracle Retail implementation partner for a government-operated retail chain. The retailer has hundreds of locations around the globe, operating in environments that vary greatly by store size, currency, item assortment, customer needs, and internet reliability.


The retailer operated on ORPOS, an Oracle Retail legacy point-of-service (POS) system. It sought to modernize its POS systems around the world, making the shopping and check-out experiences faster and easier, as well as expand customer service and loyalty options.

The retail chain operates under extremely specific and strict security rules, requiring a strategic and creative Oracle Retail implementation and integration partner that could help meet each and every requirement.

"With such a large project and varied regional needs, we couldn’t hold back deployments until everything was perfect."

Kyle Wittet, vice president of the Oracle Retail practice


The retailer partnered with BTM Global to lead its ORPOS upgrade to Oracle Retail Xstore v19.

Xstore empowers retailers to carry out daily work more efficiently and easily, while giving consumers more flexibility. The Xstore upgrade needed to have minimal impact on the retailer’s business and stay as close to base functionality as possible. This project would be rolled out to all world-wide stores and +2,300 registers, with varied store formats.

In addition to Xstore, BTM Global led the implementation and integration of ORCE, Oracle Retail’s Customer Engagement (CE) suite. CE helps create, launch, manage and analyze compelling consumer offers and loyalty programs that drive repeat business, provide more in-depth customer insight and increase average spend.

A POS upgrade of this magnitude always requires careful planning and strategy, but these were even more critical due to the client’s exceptionally high security requirements. BTM Global ensured all of the client’s teams were appropriately involved and all integrations and configurations met requirements.


Throughout the upgrade and ORCE project, BTM Global and the client worked closely to ensure requirements were met, from development and construction through testing, validation and deployment. The retailer’s complex organizational structure required BTM to coordinate and collaborate with multiple teams to ensure success.

An iterative approach for quick wins and value

The project required years of planning and preparation. To ensure quick wins and immediate value, BTM Global implemented an iterative project approach.

“With such a large project and varied regional needs, we couldn’t hold back deployments until everything was perfect,” said Kyle Wittet, vice president of the Oracle Retail practice at BTM Global. “Instead, we launched the first store with core Xstore functionally to gain further understanding of the business needs and determine what else was needed to be successful. Then we fine-tuned the next roll-outs to reflect those learnings and to provide enhanced functionality as we went along. It worked well because we had a track record of trust with the client, built from our long history together.”

Staying close to base for cost and time efficiency
BTM Global delivered an Xstore implementation that was very close to base, reducing more than 100 modifications down to less than 20. These included payment integration modifications, product warranty considerations, unique customer service transactions and tenders, and integrations with the client’s unique retail systems.

Security and roll-out support for a complex deployment
Due to the highly secure and sensitive business operations of the client, BTM Global performed testing and validation at its labs in Minneapolis. BTM also collaborated with the client to assist in the mass staging and on-site deployments across the world to ensure this roll-out could be completed in a timely manner. This allowed the client team to focus on keeping the current production systems operating to support the business and avoid disruption.

An easier POS for employees and a superior experience for customers
With Xstore v19, the retailer’s employees have a more intuitive system that allows them to check out customers faster and more easily. Modern pay options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and tap-to-pay are now available and extremely popular with the client’s shoppers around the world. In the near future, ORCE will help deliver more personalized offers and loyalty programs to drive sales.

  • Upgrade from ORPOS to Xstore v19
  • +2,300 registers and +275 stores around the world
  • Highly regulated, complex client with precise security needs