An industry-leading food producer implemented NetSuite to streamline its financial and operational processes, as well as gain better visibility across the organization with a single technology platform. Following the NetSuite go-live, however, a number of opportunities for optimization and enhancements were identified.

This led the producer to seek an experienced NetSuite partner to optimize the platform, notably around reporting and revenue recognition. The company was also preparing to launch its IPO and needed a trusted, responsive partner for the endeavor.

Choosing BTM Global

The producer ultimately chose BTM Global. “BTM brought expertise in a number of areas, including finance, accounting and technical capabilities. We liked their proposed approach to our project and felt confident they could help us get the most out of NetSuite and prepare for our IPO,” said the client.

BTM began with a small discovery project to ensure the full scope of issues was understood. A detailed plan, design documents, and budget estimate were provided, helping both the client and BTM better prioritize project needs.

“We don’t throw low-ball estimates at a client just to get the business. The entire project is more successful and cost-effective if we can determine the cause of the issues and recommend best solutions first,” said Kimberly Berneck, President and CEO of BTM Global. “By doing proper analysis up-front, it gives us better insight into the client’s needs. We can confidently say what will be an easy fix, versus what will take more resources, as well as determine what will bring the best value to the client.”

“The back-end of our business has been transformed, enabling us to manage our partnerships, quality products and customer service better than ever."

Project Results

BTM has successfully worked with the food producer to resolve a number of issues, from integration updates and buildout, to general accounting support. The company’s back-end operations were optimized and ready for its IPO launch in 2020.

“BTM has helped us with a wide variety of issues, including a custom integration to our new transaction management system,” said the client. “This was an important project because it gives us a very clear picture into the business and saves our teams a lot of time with less manual work.”

A key integration was one between NetSuite and Transplace, a transportation management system. After a sales order is entered into NetSuite, it is sent to Transplace to determine and optimize a delivery schedule and route. That information is sent back to NetSuite, allowing the client user to seamlessly view the delivery information with the NetSuite platform and avoid switching between systems.

The client was so pleased with the initial partnership that BTM Global now provides ongoing NetSuite lifecycle support: This includes modifications, ensuring NetSuite is optimized and working tightly with other systems, and that client users know how to fully leverage its power and functionality.

“The back-end of our business has been transformed, enabling us to manage our partnerships, quality products and customer service better than ever,” said the client. “BTM Global understands our business and our mission, and that’s really important to us. They have our back.”

  • Optimized NetSuite to support high-profile IPO launch
  • BTM Global chosen post go-live for support and enhancement assistance
  • Ongoing NetSuite lifecycle support
  • Enhanced visibility across complex financial and operational processes