Organizations rightfully spend a lot of time, money and resources figuring out which technology systems and applications will best help them meet their business objectives and customer service goals. Core to the implementation phase of those technologies is the people within your organization. But sometimes, let’s admit, they’re an afterthought. While technology changes are often mission-critical to your business, they are unavoidably disruptive to your people – at least to some extent. There may be questions, confusion or even fear among employees.

What should you anticipate and how do you manage the change so it doesn’t overwhelm your teams?

In this article for Retail Customer Experience, CTO Andy Huynh discusses how to prepare your teams to adapt to technology changes, the role of champions, and the importance of dedicating an internal team to the effort.

With realistic expectations, clear communication, internal champions and a strong system integrator to help guide you, you can help the key teams in your organization feel valued throughout the process.

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